It all started when...

She wasn't allowed to watch scary movies as a child.

Brianna Abello is the creator and writer of EERIE DOLLS. She began writing horror stories at a young age and stored away entire journals filled with writing. A horror and paranormal fan Brianna has always been interested in all things spooky. Because of her inability to see scary movies or read scary books at home Brianna often sneaked off to the local library to get her fix of all things horror related.

Her passion and dedication to writing continued for years. After participating and sharing stories anonymously through online sites Brianna built up the courage to bring her stories out of the dark and finally share them with others.  In 2015 what was meant to be her online writing portfolio eventually became the blog well known to others as EERIE DOLLS. Throughout a short time Brianna has expanded EERIE DOLLS to include other things such as story add-ons and narrations. 

She is also committed in supporting #indiehorror and #womeninhorror. She runs an online Facebook group dedicated to WOMEN IN HORROR AND FANS.

For more information visit her site WWW.BRIANNAABELLO.COM