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February is wiHm!

There are many wonderful women involved in the horror genre! For the month of Feb Brianna Abello will be giving away her collection of 31 horror stories for free! Join us as we celebrate the spooky and horror loving women out there! Eerie Dolls will have posts featuring some great women in online horror!


If you are interested in being featured click on the 'Appear on Eerie Dolls' page. Don't forget to check out our FB group Women in horror and fans!



The newest collection of short stories, these stories will be sent both on the monthly newsletter and online here at Eerie Dolls. Click on the short stories section to read them!


Solitude- a mixture of tales that show the darkest side of our own minds when faced with isolation and the monsters that lurk closely.

January begins with the first solitude story available to read on the ed newsletter

The newest story this month is AS THE BELL TOLLS-a story about a solitary nun living in an abandoned church. Read it for free by signing up to the Eerie Dolls newsletter.