Book review: Don't kill the pretty one

Don't kill the pretty one

M.J. Orz's horror fiction novel debut is filled with plenty of creepiness!

I had the pleasure of meeting M.J. Orz through the wonderful spooky Nosleep community on Reddit. At the time I had read a couple of his short stories which I enjoyed so I wasn't at all surprised when his debut novel Don't kill the pretty one became an instant hit among horror readers online. 

Don’t Kill the Pretty One is a quick, gripping read. I loved the inclusion of the short horror stories, with a continuous, longer story surrounding them. The way it was written really reminded me of the Point Horror books (written by the likes of R. L. Stine) I used to read when I was younger. It fits really well into the teen horror genre and deserves to become mainstream.
— Alice and the Books

I immediately became a fan of the book's story telling format- stories within a story. Besides the main story that is unfolding throughout the book Don't kill the pretty one includes several short stories written by some of the main characters. The short stories were all equally creepy as the main plot. Readers will find themselves  invested into the main story then suddenly drawn into a short story world. The main story line kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen to the characters. The characters were both believable and likable especially Luke. As the reader you can't help but root for Luke and want to know what is going on around him. There is also an interesting twist at the end that is worth waiting for. I read this book in several coffee shops and couldn't help but gasp a few times resulting in a couple of glares from fellow readers. Don't kill the pretty one is a book you won't want to put down, it is a page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend horror lovers to check it out! I'm also excited to read M.J. Orz's new book Andrew which was published recently.

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Don't Kill the pretty one is a great book to read on a cloudy day or late at night!

It’s great to see self published authors bring stories such as these to light. Don’t kill the pretty one has several creepy stories within one big eerie story which gives the reader plenty of reasons to read on.
— Brianna Abello
Check out his new book Andrew now!