Hotel Visitor

I can't stay at any hotels anymore, the last one I stayed at left me frightened for life. It was a well known hotel chain which makes it even more terrifying. San Diego, it was my dream city I was so excited to finally visit and explore it.

The first night at the hotel I felt my bed shake, I didn't pay attention to it and put my headphones in drowning all the noise as I fell asleep. The next night I felt it, something light like a piece of string touching my nose making its way down to my chest. I got up startled, I couldn't go back to sleep and stayed up watching TV. The third day I walked in after a day of exploring and found a bouquet of dead flowers wrapped neatly with a red ribbon. The front desk had no idea who might have put it in my room and moved me to a different floor. That night I felt a strange sensation all over my body, I opened my eyes and saw a shadow man floating on top of me. He didn't have eyes, the figure stroked my hair and started to smell me.

In a flash he was gone, I laid in bed paralyzed with fear. I checked out that next day, decided I had to book a flight back home early. As I was waiting for my shuttle outside I looked up at my room, there he stood a mesh of shadow and light. He looked angry and started hitting the window, I looked around to see if anyone could hear or see him, no one did. It yelled, showing its mouth full of rotting teeth it yelled in agony and anger. I looked at what it was holding, it was another bouquet of dead flowers and a doll that looked just like me. The shuttle arrived just in time, I ran inside didn't look back and put my headphones in to drown out its screams.

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