Inspiration behind the story: Hidden in the jungles of Guam

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I have been meaning to write a story like this for a while. My best friends are islanders and I love hearing the stories that they tell from their homeland. Some stories involved the Taotaomo’na which I had never heard of before then. When it comes to stories like these I try to be very careful with what I write and not be offensive in any way.

We are used to hearing stories about certain crypto creatures/ghosts etc in isolated areas like forests, mountains, swamps but I loved the idea of writing a short story in a place so many consider paradise. I recommend you read about Guam and its folklore, there are many wonderful books and articles online to check out.

The inspiration for this piece involved one of my friend’s own experiences while staying and visiting Guam. They are told to always be respectful of the land and to ask permission when entering the jungle or other places so the spirits do not bother them.

This is a great article if you would like to read more about: Taotaomo’na

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