Inspiration behind the story: In the valleys of Mexico

I hope you enjoyed this story!

I've been meaning to write a story like this one for a while now ever since I first saw the footage play on TV. Of course it is up to you if you want to believe it was something paranormal or probably has some reasonable explanation. Regardless of what you believe in the end, I want to share a couple videos with you which were what inspired me to write this piece.

I find Latin America fascinating when it comes to strange events or phenomena. Mexico in particular has had so many strange thing happen in both city and rural areas that it is impossible to ignore. I love writing stories based off of stories like these. 

The flying humanoid or creature whatever you want to refer it as comes from a story in which an officer in Mexico encountered here's a small part as well as the link if you would like to read on:

A huge, black object fell from a tree beside the street but it stopped just before touching the ground...and then slowly landed and turned itself to face the patrol car. At that moment, officer Samaniego knew that something was wrong. So he turned on the high beams of his car to try to see what was this black object that fell from the tree was.


I do recommend you read it, even if you do not believe it the story is still very creepy. 

Another officer claimed to have witnessed the same creature a few days before the attack on the first officer. Besides these accounts the videos of the footage recorded in Mexico of a flying "something" also inspired me to write this story:



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