Inspiration behind the story: The women in my family.....

Thank you so much for reading and following this story. I hope you enjoyed it and I apologize for the length however I did not want to break it up again and have you all wait for another update. Last time I checked the first part was up to 700 +  upvotes so thank you all for that!

This story was actually inspired by a tale one of my cousins told me when I was a child. To this day I don't know what parts of it were true or not because no one in my family including my mother likes to talk about paranormal things. Regardless of whether or not there was a slight bit of truth to it the story served as a great inspiration for this piece.

I do have an aunt who supposedly experienced some strange things at night in my mother's native country. I can't remember the full story because like I said the tale was told to me when I was a child. Long story short one of my aunts felt as if someone was touching her hair at night. Could it have been her sisters pranking her? Perhaps. But it got to a point where she said that something was following her. She would wake up with her hair braided and no one would fess up as to who and why they were doing it. Eventually they did take her to some sort of spiritual person and the person said that she was being attacked by a dwarf (no pun intended). This dwarf  deity or duende had a strange obsession with her hair.

Eventually she trimmed it and when she did the walls in her house started to shake. I remember when I'd go and visit her I thought it was somewhat creepy that she was weirdly obsessed with having LOTS and LOTS of religious artifacts all over the walls. Could it have been the result of pranking gone wrong or was it in fact by something strange that haunted her all those years? We'll never know but hey at least it helped me write a story.

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