Inspiration behind the story: Violin Strings


Violin Strings is a mini series within another series. The Creepy things in my neighborhood Series contain several stories inspired by various things that some of my friends and I experienced. The area in which we all grew up in was somewhat creepy and a lot of weird stuff happened when we were younger. The CTIMN series will contain several stories that I became inspired to write based off of  those experiences or ideas that occurred to me while thinking back to that time. A  lot of the stories are over dramatized of course but I like to think that every story or tale comes from some small spark of truth.


Violin Strings:

The part where the main character's cousin goes into shock after witnessing a strange man outside her house was inspired by my real cousin who did see a creepy figure standing outside her window.

The character known only as Rain is based off of my actual best friend who experienced a lot of strange occurrences in both of her parent's house. The part where she felt someone creep up into her bed is something that at the time she remembered experiencing.

The whole strange coincidences surrounding the main character's boyfriend and his family's sightings of a strange being comes from my boyfriend's little sister's actual account of seeing a strange man (like my cousin) outside of her window. We all do live in the same area in which my cousin had seen that man and his little sister did mention that she remembers  an 'alien like man'  looking at her from outside.

Like many people all around the world before cellphones, the scene that talks about P and the MC talking over the phone and hearing a strange metallic sound was inspired by actual reports of people who heard that strange sound followed by either a weird voice, heavy breathing or the line going dead.

Thank you for reading Violin Strings and stay tuned for another CTIMN story!