Inspiration for: A visit from a demon with long claws

Earlier in one of my tweets I had mentioned that this story was in fact inspired by a real story. I should have actually said it is BASED on something strange that did happen to someone I know.
The person who did experience this still doesn't like remembering the encounter and of course I can't blame her. 

The place where this did happen was in an normal city like any other in a nice neighborhood. This individual's family at home when it happened and it was late in the evening.

Let's call her OP

OP was in her room with the door closed while her younger brother was outside playing on the stairs. He was playing when he saw an entity with long claws [he describes them as nails] hovering outside OP's room. 

The apparition then made its way into OP's room without opening the door. OP's brother immediately ran into OP's room and asked her where the apparition had gone. OP didn't know what he was talking about and didn't pay attention to him.

He however is still certain to this day of what he saw.

The next day OP woke up with a gorgeous braid she went to thank her mother/sisters for braiding her hair but no one knew what she was talking about. When her mother inspected her head she saw a faint thin line in the middle of OP's head bleeding. 

Weird?! Absolutely! Hope you enjoyed stay tuned later today for a flash fiction story!
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