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Greetings! I’m Deborah Dixon, author of New Orleans Supernatural Weekly and other works. I’ve been writing for twenty years; I wrote my first story at around seven years old. Since then, I’ve finished nine novels, seven novellas, and many short stories. My preferred genre is fantasy; from there I branch out into others such as horror and sci-fi. I co-founded a publishing company, Shalamar, to help new authors find audiences and present their work to the world. I am a proud New Orleanian! I have two very needy pets, a sansevieria and a spider plant named Thing 1 and Thing 2. I spend my free time on driving and amateur photography.

New Orleans Supernatural Weekly is a paranormal horror and fantasy series hosted on Channillo. The series follows a journalist who is determined to expose the supernatural threats that lurk in her hometown. So far, she’s encountered ghosts, vampires, demons, and others; and she’s starting to uncover a massive conspiracy around just how much influence the supernatural has on the city. While it is mostly horror, it includes some elements of intrigue and occasional humor (given that it’s a long-run serial). I post new stories every other Monday, with “extra” content based on the characters’ development in between.

The setting was natural for me; most of my recent works take place in New Orleans. It’s an amazing, beautiful, lively city, brimming with stories. It lends itself to horror very well - we have Marie Laveau and Anne Rice, we can’t bury our dead (not underground at least), most of our major landmarks are haunted, and so on. Before NOSPN, I had not written much horror, so I wanted to give that a try; and when I was approached to write a series for Channillo, I thought it would be an excellent fit.

And indeed, Channillo has been wonderful! It’s nice to be part of a collection of serial writers. I like to call it the “Netflix for readers” - it’s subscription-based, but you can follow series you like and read them as they are updated. There are stories from many different genres, from nonfiction to action to romance to horror of course. For me it offers the urgency of having a self-imposed deadline (new story every two weeks) but is still laid-back and flexible enough to enjoy giving my readers something to look forward to. And it’s a great forum for me to practice forms of writing I normally couldn’t!

We recently had a big Halloween event, culminating in the story “Danse Macabre.” In terms of the series plot arc, it deals with a long-established supernatural threat. The next new story will be up on November 28, and then every two weeks for the foreseeable future!

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(This is an excerpt from “Ghost Stories: A Local Haunting,” first posted on September 8, 2016. The main characters are spending a night in a house that may be hiding at least one ghost.)

Night fell as the group settled in. By nine o'clock, full dark had set in with nothing unusual occurring. Jamison had produced a deck of cards, and he, Paul, and Isabella took to playing a variety of games. Sayeva was writing notes, and Samuel's attention was on something on his cell phone.

"Sayeva," Paul said in an undertone.

Sayeva glanced over at Paul. He turned very slowly toward the kitchen window. There, in a chair that had previously been at the kitchen table, sat a woman with long dark hair.

"Okay," said Jamison.

Everyone got to their feet. "Hello," Sayeva said to the figure despite being two rooms away from it. "Hello, Miss?"

The figure barely moved.

"This is kinda cool," Isabella whispered.

Jamison shot her a glare. "I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for this."

"Then you're the one who searched the house and missed finding an entire person." Isabella shrugged.

"Miss?" Sayeva took a step forward. Samuel touched her arm to stop her.

The ghost snapped its head around to look at Sayeva and Samuel. Everyone froze.

"All right." Sayeva frowned. "Everyone stay still."

"No," Samuel said. "Get down."

Sayeva glanced at him and started to reach for his hand. "Sam, what--"

Samuel pulled Sayeva back and down as the ghost suddenly lunged at them in an icy whoosh. The others retreated several steps.

Samuel edged away from Sayeva while getting to his feet. "The next time I say 'get down," he said, glaring back at Sayeva without offering her a hand up, "do it."