ReTech-industrial wondrous machina

ReTech was born of a desire to translate discarded tech into artistic pieces.




Currently focused on video and interactive pieces, ReTech originally started out as a utilisation of functional form. In those early years many chairs, tables, and lighting were created.


Our evolution into the industrial age gave us the ability to create wondrous things. Fueled by our own part of the natural order, we created form and pattern that often mimicked our world. I find our creations beautiful, their creativity amazing, their skill breathtaking. Using them for my art is a means to preserve a connection with that past and give us a way to carry them forward into our own lives.

From the creator:

Begin Transmission-


Born: 01.01.2020

No data pre-glitch of 2027.

In 2030 involved in various proletariat movements near Central City. Assumed to be the creator of the art called ReTech. Using salvaged materials from the wastes Asher seems to be making a statement on consumerism as well as art. Soon after Asher went underground and tracking data is minimal since.

End Transmission

Retech crazy creative! The detail in each of these creations is amazing! What is even crazier is YOU can own some of these cyberpunk items!! Be sure to check out more!
— Eerie Dolls